Horizon Social Community

Nurturing your best advocates to maximise engagement and value

Advocacy matters.

Building trust with savvy, empowered customers is easier when you’ve got a network of advocates doing the heavy lifting for you.

But how do you grow advocacy and make word-of-mouth marketing more effective? How can you focus in on your best advocates to grow their value?

Find and grow advocates with Horizon Social Community…


Spot your best advocates based on behavior, influence and more — and match it against their customer record


Give your best advocates tailored experiences that increase their advocacy and maximise their effectiveness


Encourage quiet customers to get sharing with smart, relevant incentives – growing your network of advocates

Designed for flexibility

Horizon Social Community can sit alongside customer engagement strategy or integrate directly with a loyalty program — it’s up to you. And it’s completely customizable, for a solution that fits your business and your customers.

How it works


  • Make connecting and sharing easier with social sign-in — and ensure advocacy gets tied back to the right customer
  • Put your data to work with Horizon’s unique ELVIS Insight, to  identify your best advocates based on behaviour
  • Track the engagement on branded posts your advocates have shared to see who’s truly having the most influence


  • Use Horizon’s ELVIS scoring to deliver tailored experiences, better rewards and relevant activities to your best advocates
  • Reward advocates based on the impact their sharing has — from social engagement to referred customers
  • Let your loyalty members see and engage with friends who are also program members — building an engaged community


  • Overcome barriers to advocacy with social sign-in — making the process seamless, even for less experienced advocates
  • Kick-start advocacy with smart incentives and surprise-and-delight campaigns — raising brand awareness and increasing referral rates
  • Use badges and gamification to encourage less-active advocates to step up their game

Horizon Social Community is designed to help you nurture and grow your best advocates. Behind-the-scenes analysis gives you valuable insight, and ensures the right customers are incentivized in the right way — saving you time and helping you invest your resource more effectively.

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