HTK Horizon: The platform for smarter customer contact

HTK Horizon is the cloud marketing platform that helps businesses improve customer lifetime value and loyalty, through smarter customer contact across mobile channels.

We help marketers get useful insight from their data about who their customers are, what they want and how they’re feeling – and then use that insight to engage in a more effective way throughout the customer lifecycle.

The result? Stronger business growth and a better return on your marketing investment.


Single customer view

Re-imagine your marketing database

Horizon brings your important customer data together into a single customer view. See each customer’s interests, preferences, purchases, behaviour, location and their relationship to your business – all in one place. Horizon provides a window into the changing relationships you have with each customer, plus the tools you need to unlock the potential in your data.
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Transform your data into useful customer insight

Horizon’s unique Customer Relationship Scores answer the most important questions you have: Who are my most valuable customers? What campaigns and offers will appeal to them? Which customers are most loyal? Do I have a significant risk of customer churn?
“It could be a real game-changer.” Dr Tim Drye, DMA Board Member
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Automate your marketing – from insight to action

Use what you know about each customer to engage in a timely, automated way across mobile channels – email, SMS, app-push, voice, web and more. Schedule campaigns and use real-time triggered actions to create contextual experiences that are relevant to your customers and that will boost return on investment.
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Get real-time reporting on the metrics that matter most

Go beyond opens and clicks. Horizon’s reports keep you in tune with the overall health of your customer relationships. Track changes in levels of customer engagement, loyalty and value across your entire customer base, and use this insight to shape your campaign strategy and tactics. Or if you require something more bespoke, we can do that too.
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Over 10,000 users from global brands, high-growth companies and government departments alike use HTK Horizon every day. Built from the ground up by marketers for marketers, HTK Horizon is trusted by innovative customers like Telefónica, the Department for Work and Pensions, and Specsavers.


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