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Does my business need a loyalty solution?

It’s harder than ever to differentiate your product or service from competitors. Today's customers are more demanding and more empowered — with greater choice, greater access to information and the ability to switch brands a lot more easily.

A combination of technology and strategy, loyalty marketing solutions support the acquisition and long-term retention of customers, by building lasting customer relationships through personalised, relevant interactions at every touchpoint.

Having a loyalty solution in place will provide the insight and information you need to compete effectively, measure and improve your marketing return, and drive more profit.

Why do we need new technology to grow loyalty?

A mass marketing approach is a thing of the past. Consumers expect you to target them directly as individuals, knowing their needs and preferences. It is only with the help of technology that you can achieve this deep level of insight and drive one-to-one engagement at scale.

What can Horizon do for my business?

Horizon is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that lets you build advanced, personalised loyalty marketing programmes. The Horizon Loyalty Hub was built from the ground-up to help businesses engage customers in real-time, with unbeatable speed of implementation, ease of use and return on investment.

The Horizon Loyalty Hub — a new breed of loyalty platform

Horizon enables personalised, tailored experiences that grow customer loyalty and drive sales.

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INSIGHT | Turn every touchpoint into powerful, actionable information

Horizon’s unique ELVIS Insight transforms raw data into five simple metrics which enable at-a-glance insight into the health of every customer relationship — so you can better understand your customers and create more relevant experiences.

Apply ELVIS Insight to your loyalty programme and marketing comms within Horizon, or share it across your existing business systems. Our API and integration options make it easy to bring powerful customer insight into your other marketing tools, EPOS, or call centre software — improving the conversation at every customer touchpoint.

Intelligent CRM: Get a powerful single customer view

Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to understand them better. Horizon brings together real-time data from any touchpoint - in-store, online, via mobile app, across social media, and via your digital marketing - to give you a clearer picture of each customer.

Make informed decisions — faster

  • Who are my loyal and valuable customers?
  • Is there a significant risk of customer churn?
  • Who should I retain, cross-sell or up-sell?

Armed with actionable insight, lifecycle and persona analysis, campaign reporting and trends across your customer base, you’ll have everything you need to treat customers as individuals and keep them coming back to you instead of the competition.

Free Guide: Using Customer Insight to Drive Loyalty and Value

Want to take a more insight-driven approach to your marketing? Our four-step guide will show you how to get there.

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DECISION | Apply real-time context to delight your customers

A multi-dimensional customer view

Horizon’s context engine works 24/7 to understand who is engaging with your brand and when, where they are, what they’ve bought, and how they interact across touchpoints.

This information is applied to trigger messages, select relevant rewards and enable tailored marketing that drives results.

See how we delivered a 261% uplift in engagement for O2 Priority

Relevant rewards for each customer

Ensure that every customer receives the offer they’re most likely to respond to — whatever the channel.

Create a catalogue of rewards and offers; then let Horizon’s recommendation rules match them to customers based on insight, context and the offers they’ve already redeemed.

Through our built-in integrations with other systems, you can deliver these recommendations across all channels.

Offer management

Predictive analysis and lifecycle marketing

Identify your new and active customers, and predict who’s at risk of churn. Horizon automatically assigns each contact to the most relevant Lifecycle Stage and Customer Persona - helping you welcome new customers and re-engage those at-risk before it’s too late.

ACTION | Put insight to work, in the moments that matter

One simple campaign manager — for all your channels

Turn Horizon’s powerful insight into personalised, timely marketing actions — with multi-phase, multichannel campaigns, A/B split-tests and control groups to learn what works best.

Our experienced and expert team can provide all the training you need or a fully managed service based on marketing best practice.

Trigger relevant messages in real-time

Automatically send personalised, contextual messages based on what Horizon knows about each customer. With advanced segmentation and triggered messaging you can send timely communications that will increase customer lifetime value.

Loyalty management — with insight at its heart

Put the advanced insight that Horizon provides at the heart of your loyalty programme - to delight and reward your most valuable customers with relevant offers they will love.

Use customer context, ELVIS Insight, personas and lifecycle stages to deliver the right rewards to each customer.

Personalised loyalty

ENGAGEMENT | A joined up experience across all channels

More personalised engagement, wherever they choose to interact

Customers expect brands to understand them, and talk to them as indivduals — whatever the channel. Horizon enables businesses to reach their customers with timely, tailored experiences across mobile touchpoints — all driven from a single customer view.

Horizon comes complete with integrated tools for multichannel customer engagement — by email, SMS, online, app-push and voice automation. And through our Messaging API, any system can send multichannel messages via the Horizon Loyalty Hub.

See how Horizon enables personalised, tailored experiences that grow customer loyalty and drive sales...

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